Industry Development

Design Network Africa provides tailored assistance and mentorship to artisans and designers across the continent, from traditional textile artists in Mali to basket weavers in Uganda.

Initiated by Denmark’s Centre for Culture and Development (CKU), funded by the Danish government and coordinated by The Guild Group, Design Network Africa (DNA) has arguably done more than any other organisation to promote design in Africa. Since 2011, the project has linked highly respected designers from East, West and Southern Africa who have been selected for their diverse voices, sophisticated and original product and unique global identities and who represent the vibrancy and distinctive expression of a new African aesthetic. The programme encourages the designers to collaborate and learn from each other – a major step towards the creation of a pan-African design dialogue.

Although the CKU funding comes to and end of a five-year cycle in October 2016, The Guild Group will continue promoting the work of the DNA designers and ensure the ongoing awareness of design from West and East Africa.